Finder Poser

This account is now runned my two girls that's 18 and 19 years old. They helps you to find real and fake account on twitter.

This is the officialgtumblr account of the @Finderposer This is 110% real. If you don't belive what we tell you, ask us. If you wanna critises our work just don't follow and don't do a big deal of it.




We just made a new account to help you guys find the real one. Seens a very mad poser of justin @justinbieber_bv who had over 17 followers make everyone report us we got suspended. But know we have a new account. Please follow and keep yourself updated!

We been taking a lt of cmplainings and people who doesn’t belive us and are really mad at us cause we saying people they belive in not real.

Ashleys words:

Hey! First! We’re a twitter team who work with finding the real and not real one. And people call us things and saying we only hurt people. But we’re humans too. and we know this is a part of this job. Get all hate and not happy people. But i don’t think it’s fair, too start hate and spam us cause we’re only trying to help. We know who’s real. We don’t know all of the celebs, but them WE know and are over 100% sure we’re telling you guys. And if you don’t belive us. Okay. Xxx- Ash

Mirandas words:

We’re two girls who love doing what we’re doing cause we help alot of people. But also we sink people who is false. And we have nothing against anyone except we don’t like when them pose. And we’re saying that. A lot of people has hurt people but think about us. We’re doing a part of our job and all we get is hate. You don’t have to love us. We can deal with that.LOVE MIRRE

We hope we can keep going and help you guys. Cause that’s what we’re trying to do.

This tweet did REAL send us. Soon when he done it, we’ll set in the link her so you can add/like him. Don’t forget the other is poser.

Follow him.

/ Ashley

Right now we work together with this team you can also find them here . When we say we work together we share what we got and help each other find real one and not real. We have our own accounts but we’re kinda like a team. Support each other.

Now we’re looking for more coperation to work with to easier share what we’ve got and help other. All you need to do is having a poser find account and check our twitter and agree wit supporting the one who we support. Some “rules”

XxxMiranda & Ashley

See where it says she’s french. Really? Coulden’t get better. Patetic. Well, hello you from french can you please stop posing as Miley. Thank you!

This picture is borrowed from our  our cooperation .

This tweet did Rihanna send:

Ok everyone, I’ll do an session when I’ll have at least 100 followers!!! Let’s go ;)!!

Now she have 78 followers. Follow her.

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Follow our new twitter account, it’s the same profile, but better! <—- Follow us there!



Att credit goes to the team in Catchingposers

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A while ago, so did a lot more Smiler rebellion against a fake Miley. Then was her name @MileyCee92 but after they trend # mileycee92isafake so she changed the name to @Imthe_MileyRC. Still had doubts about her. But she made a promise when she reached 10 000 followers on their “private twitter she would begin to follow much more fans on her verified twitter. Now she has exactly 10 300 followers on her “private twitter" and still follow, no more fans on his verified twitter. It is yet another proof that she is a mere fake.

- Ashley

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From now on we work together with thoose they will also help YOU to find the real one. Follow there tumblr . Hopefully we can help you dubble as much to find the real one now!

//Miranda & Ashley

The real Kelly O is this . This was her proof that she gave us and also we have some “insider” who approved that she’s REAL.

As we through @imdevonnelovato is real. She got hacked by a poser @ddlovato_rdl. And cause we know Demi’s real personal account is @imdevonnelovato we got confused by the tweet last night.

But this is REAL



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ecstasyofdeath said: @ImDevonneLovato is not Demi. Demi's Twitter is @ddlovato

Yeah @ddlovato is her verified account. We who work here finding there real personal/unverifed accounts. @Imdevonnelovato is her REAL personal account! Xxx Ashley

This tweet did @ImDeveonneLovato send

Then we wonder if she’s real or fake. Before it been similar tweets. But then someone hacked her. So for now on we’re not sure. But we still asume she’s real. Any opion feel free to tell then in our ASK box our at our twitter.


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Yes, Zendaya Coleman from Shakes it up have a personal twitter account. @DAYABEAR96 witch you can find under “links” and also other 100% real people. Except that Bella Thorne (@bellaxthorne) guaranted is we got some REAL proof. Enjoy! DON’T FORGET FOLLOW ZENDAYA!